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Inspiring Décor from Turkey, Where East and West Meet
October 24, 2018

Known as the only country straddling Asia and Europe, Turkey boasts of a rich history and heritage. There’s no better place to soak in its unique atmosphere than its cultural and commercial center—Istanbul.

This vibrant city engages your senses the moment you land. Blue-tipped minarets, shimmering domes, and intricate architecture prove a sight for travel-weary eyes. Roam bustling streets lined with quaint ceramic shops and shisha lounges, and breathe in the enticing aroma of freshly cooked kebab.

After you’ve had your fill of delicious food and strong coffee, indulge in a different kind of feast. Explore the Grand Bazaar, where new and old collide.

A tourist destination in its own, this famed market offers everything from classic souvenirs to one-off finds. Haggle your way to a bargain, or simply marvel at the treasures on display. Here, you’re sure to discover inspiration in spades.

Ceramics crafted by hand

Dating back to the 9th century, the tradition of Turkish ceramics gives us a glimpse of Ottoman Empire’s Golden Age. Vivid hues and delicate patterns adorn hand-painted wares that suit the shelves of a museum as much as they do a modern home.

Add an unexpected touch of nature to your living room with a starfish-shaped candle. Bring an extra splash of color to your table setting with plates that delight as you dine. Both decorative and functional, these pieces are great ways to brighten up any space.

Tiles fit for royalty

In the 15th century, the Īznik town in northwestern Turkey developed çini tiles, which feature turquoise, cobalt, malachite, and coral patterns on a white background. Favored by sultans for their striking designs, these can be found decorating the halls of many mosques and palaces.

Take cues from these rulers, and use these tiles to fashion an eye-catching staircase, a gorgeous statement wall, a lively kitchen, or a bathroom to impress. Your imagination is the limit!

Lanterns with enchanting hues

The era of sultans may be long gone, but local artisans continue to celebrate their opulence in glasswork and mosaics. You'll see this in the elaborate lanterns that hang in buildings and markets around the country. Lovely even when switched off, these reflect a kaleidoscope of colors and create a warm ambience.

Hang these lanterns as charming accents for your garden or welcoming lights in your hallway. An oversized pendant light makes a wonderful feature over your dining table, while classic bell jars are perfect for cozy nooks in your bedroom.

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