Carpets & Rugs
Medium-sized Turkish Kilim / Rug


A Kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug. Kilims are versatile and can be used as a rug, hung on the wall as an artwork, draped on a sofa or as a bed accent. It's beautiful colors and geometric designs make this carpet rug perfect for any working or living space.

Item Details

  • Kilims are flat-weave rugs with no pile
  • With anti-slip bottom 
  • Made of wool
  • Machine made
  • Made in Turkey

    Dimensions: 45 inches length by  26 inches width

    Weight: 1.05 kg
    Shipping weight: 1.05 kg

    Care and Maintenance

    Vacuum at low setting; spot clean using mild detergent and a brush; deep clean with baking soda and direct sunlight on a quarterly basis or as often as needed